Anti-Money Laundering (AML) prevention is key to banks, businesses and individuals. I contributed as Business Analyst with an international team to analyze the features, sources and data mapping necessary to implement Nice Actimize a suite of solutions and rules to monitor and prevent money transactions that could be potential interest for further investigations under the money laundering unit of a a major bank in Puerto Rico.

The chosen solutions were a combination of products that will help the bank monitor suspicious activities and transactions, these could be related to KYC (” Know Your Client” ) compliance or KYA (” -Know Your Account”) projects and specific rules implemented to be compliant with OFAC Lists and AML monitoring.

As a business analyst the business rules would be compared in light of the bank current practice and definitions and recommendations would be made for further evaluation and adaptation to conforms to definitions like ” Is resident” or  is it a political exposed person (Is PEP?) among others.

These are only a few examples of an elaborated work.

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